Friday, November 03, 2006

Home again

Hoagie hasn't quite recovered from this stomach bug as we found out at 4 this morning when he puked on Don (hee hee! I am giddy over the fact that it didn't occur on my side of the bed). Then all over me when I picked him up. I guess I am destined to get puked on every single episode this illness. Oh, the plight of being a mother. At least my side of the bed wasn't wet!

So I am home today and the largest thing on my plate is to go get a copy of our marriage certificate. A whopping $13 charge will give me the proof I need to get on to Don's insurance. Why take a sick kid out on an errand today you ask? Well someone procrastinated so long that today is the last day to sign up for benefits and this certificate MUST be submitted today or we lose out. And, shockingly, the procrastinator wasn't me. So out we will go.

You may notice that I am posting more than normal and that is because I have joined
NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month. I will post once a day for the month of November. Woot!

In case you would like to tell me how lovely the posts are, or not, your perogative, please feel free to use the comments feature*. Just click the link, type in a witty response to my super-smart ramblings, pass the word verification, and hit submit. Voila! I'll know you really love me. And Hoagie. And I will tell him to love you who comment more than anyone in this world. You know, except me.

*this of course excludes the ever wonderful Hope, Megan, Cathy and Calliope who already comment and have Hoagie's undying affection

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Anonymous said...

Those of us in Maine totally enjoy reading each and every entry that you make in your blog. Carrie, you are a prolific writer and keep me giggling w/ your Hoagie stories!
Keep 'em coming!!!
PS K gets her permit tomorrow!!! EGADS!!
PPS. R was very sad to hear about the mini :(