Thursday, November 02, 2006

35 weeks (aka 8 months)

Logan is 35 weeks today, and has officially been in the outside world 1 day longer than he was in utero. *sigh* Where did my little bitty baby go? I look back at those first few weeks (months) through a haze. It all happened so fast and unexpectedly that I can only recall highlights. Like:

  • We had intermittent water during the first few weeks at our condo and hot water only sometimes for weeks after the water was fully restored. Fun.
  • Boxes upon boxes of shower gifts piled outside our door, in our condo, and in the car. The outpouring of gifts was remarkable.
  • The reflux, researching reflux, and worrying about reflux.
  • Reflux meds and dreading giving them to the poor kid twice a day.
  • The nursing curve. Whoa. That was a steep one-- but totally worth it.
  • Someone (who? Mother nature? The Govt? The hospital? Human kind?) let us take home this fragile little being. Um, we had no idea what we were doing.
  • Pumping. I spent as much time pumping as I did nursing. Well, not quite, but it sure felt like it!
  • Snuggling. He was so sleepy and little and malleable that he had no choice but to cuddle.
  • Being totally sleep deprived even though the kid slept 20+ hours a day. Weird isn't it? If only those hours were all in a row...
  • How wonderful our family was. How supportive, understanding, and generally great. We are very lucky. (Good SD friends included here, our west coast family...)
  • Did I mention nursing? And pumping?
  • Love. Deep, heart aching, bone crushing, utterly life-altering love. It didn't happen for me right away, but when it snuck up on me it was all consuming. How did I ever live without him?

Happy 8 months baby. We longed for you, never gave up hope, and rejoiced at your arrival.

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hope said...

You made me all sniffly.

Give him some smoochies from me.