Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No on 85!


We did our most important civic duty today, did you? I cannot stress how important voting is, and I have never missed an election. Logan has voted twice so far! Well, he came along for the ride, which is just as good. The touch-screen voting in our polling place was working smoothly and both Don and I agree it was good. California requires a paper trail (which I didn't know until I heard that on NPR earlier in the day) so I feel ok about the computer voting in San Diego.

Anyway, there were many important state and local props and this is the most informed I have ever been at the polls. Hooray! The only real thing to be sad about is the fact that the Govenator will surely win a second term. Oh well. My candidate so rarely wins I am not sure what I would do with myself if he/they did.

Oh, and Logan is back to his usual happy self. He has even started saying "ba ba ba ba ba." And he was so patient while I tried on skinny jeans today. Yay Hoagie!

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