Sunday, November 19, 2006


So last night we slept. Heavenly sleep...

The wedding was beautiful, perfect weather, gorgeous location, lovely couple. Reception was fun but short lived. I couldn't hang. We got a drink after, since we had a little time. Don wouldn't let me rest my head on the bar. He was embarrassed that I looked wasted, which I definitely was not. Just so. dang. tired.

Logan was watched by three wonderful ladies, Auntie J, her mom, and her cousin. He should have been in babysitter heaven. Instead he whined and cried until he went to bed. Silly baby. This signaled that we need to go out more. You know, so he can get used to the important babysitting folks who love him so. He was very happy to see me at midnight when he woke up for the first time (hallelujah!).

He is eating like a champ, and will ingest anything that is mixed with applesauce. Like mother like son.

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