Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cheering NOT allowed

So we like ourselves some football. Don loves it anyway, but since he joined his fantasy league (dork) it has kicked up a notch. Every game has someone to root for so he will watch pretty much anything that is on. We are especially large fans of the Eagles (go Donovan!), Chargers, and Patriots (well, me anyway). We get excited. We yell and curse at the TV when things don't go our way. And when there is a good play? Well, Don has accused me of "screeching" on more than one occasion. Especially when it is against his teams.

Hoagie does not like the cheering. At all. We get a serious frowny face, followed by the silent cry, then a big, sad wail. We've got to work on our self control.

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Jen said...

My mom and I laugh too loud - Natalie often gives a little startled jump, followed by a grumpy face, and if we're REALLY too loud, crying ensues.