Sunday, November 12, 2006

Official verdict--not an ear infection

So the sleeping is still dicey, but there is officially no ear infection (that was my thought too Hope). Evidently he just doesn't like to be congested and wants to be held all. night. long. Last night was most certainly better than the previous 4, but still not fabulous. Urgent care was just as riddled with coughing, snotty-nosed kids as it was two weeks ago, and amazingly they were all so cute. Go figure. I don't even usually like other people's kids.

We had to miss a friend's b-day bash last night because of the Hoagie and his sleep thing, but it was worth it. It is also the wonderful Auntie H's birthday today. Happy 32 years to one of the best friends I could ask for. Hoagie, Don, and I are very lucky to have you in our lives.

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