Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ok, we all know this is not a political blog, but today's results have awakened a long-dormant feeling deep in my soul. Hope. She was there all along, but lack of nourishment had left her withered and dry. Arizona, South Dakota, California, and (let's face it) the nation have elected change. I write this post as a mother-- no longer does the world seemingly end when Don and I leave it. Hoagie deserves a beautiful and functioning country long after we are gone. I am so very pleased that we (the country) have made an attempt to head in that direction.

So thank you nation, for respecting choice, electing change, and (at least in AZ) saying no to a constitutional ban on gay marriage rights. It would have been greedy to ask you not to hand over the governing reins to a certain foreign (bad) actor.

Oh, and Rummy's resignation? It just might make this giddy feeling last clear through till Tuesday.

The post-monster ate my first attempt at this, which was alarmingly more eloquent. Darn it.

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hope said...

Awww.... I thought the post was about me. *pout*

:P hee hee