Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ouch and other random thoughts

Today has been a rough day for the boy. I let him hold my hairbrush this morning and he scraped himself on the cheek with the stiff bristles. I thought it would fade quickly, but no, it was a bright red line till bed tonight. Then, being cute (or so I thought), I let a little wind-up toy go down his torso and burned him just below his belly button. Yes, BURNED him. Mother of the year. Not five minutes later he pinched his finger in a door. *sigh* Poor kid.

There was mouse poop on my desk at work today. I had an ant infestation earlier this year and a flea (from Sunshine, how embarrassing) not too long ago. Now a mouse. Too many pests for my taste. They are going to put traps on my floor, but I don't feel good about it. Not sure I have any choice. Really, it is a wonder that we don't have even more wildlife and vermin living in our ancient work buildings. They are actually temporary housing barracks from WWII. Um, yeah. Not the most solid construction. I will have to post pictures of them this month, you will wonder how our government stays afloat when we keep throwing money into sinkholes like my command.

When I picked the boy up from Ms. T's today he ran over to the window and yelled "mama!" It was so sweet. Made me not completely lose it when he hit, scraped, and pinched me tonight. Good times.


Moms and Clay said...

Wow! What a day! Hope the rest of the week's been looking up for you guys.

neko said...

Luckily, the scrapes heal and they forget these minor parental infractions. Don't feel too bad, mine went face down in a mud puddle in front of an entire elite mommy set at the playground. The same week I lost control of the shopping cart he was in and also forgot to take his socks off in the kitchen... whooops! crack!

As said before, luckily they forget.