Monday, November 12, 2007

Camera phone and fish

Yeah, I love my camera phone. I end up buying more phone than I need every time we upgrade. Usually under the pretense that it is "free" except these few extras. Extras that end up costing the big bucks, but I digress. I have a S.amsung SCHu-540. We got it this summer and the pics do turn out pretty nice. This time it was worth it to purchase the better technology. I must admit though, that I photoshop them before I upload them to flikr. They turn out much darker and with less contrast straight from the phone. That is fine by me because I photoshop pretty much every picture I take.

In other news, we got fish! I walked into our awesome local aquarium store and got sucked in for the bigger tank and goldfish. Only two, and the tank is 4 gallons. Not huge, but still waaaaaay more than I anticipated. I was thinking a two gallon bowl with a betta. Ha! The soft blue glow off the rows and rows of meticulously clean fish tanks sucked me in. So now we have two fancy goldfish in a fancy tank. No names yet, we are still working on Logan to say the word "fish." It is coming out "da." Pictures to come once I get home.

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