Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Business in the front

Baby mullet

Our kid has a mullet. A serious, hockey fan, Billy Ray Cyrus, lovin' the 80s mullet. The time has come for his first haircut, just to even everything up. Someone in this house is extremely resistant to hair trimming, and it isn't me. Logan doesn't even know what a haircut is, and Sunshine has no fashion sense, so that just leaves one very stubborn male. However, the deed must be done. My hairdresser is on standby, and at the slightest resistance she will swoop in and even the boy out. I am hoping this happens sooner than later. We shall see.

funny face


hope said...

LOVE that pic!

calliope said...

oh my gawd! That just cracked my shit UP!!!

he is so so cute!

Jen said...

That funny face is so awesome! Love it!

PS - Cait and I are in the same camp as Don. We are going to hold off on cutting Natalie's hair AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!

Northwoods Baby said...

Dear god. Buy a Flowbee if you need to, just cut that shit off before it gets out of hand!

FWIW, Perp had hellamullet until her first cut at 2, and I've (almost) managed to erase the memory.

er, not to say the Hoag's hair is shit, of course. 'cause it's not. NOT!