Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jumping bean

Logan has attempted to jump a few times. He scrunches way down and then pops up really fast like he might actually leave the earth, but doesn't. He hasn't quite figured out what role feet play in jumping, other than holding you up straight. I think he is quite close though, and I might have glimpsed 1/4 of a millimeter of air under him last night. I tell you, he always does these neat things when Don is at work. Have no fear though, he has already been "jumping" on the tile floor this morning. Because I know if I were going to try a new trick that involved leaving the ground, and the potential for falling was higher than my normal 40% (and that is just walking people!), I would choose a hard tile floor.

I know I missed another day. This blogging every day thing is HARD! This is where I start to slack off, what with Thanksgiving and all. Tonight I am making no-bake cookies and peeling sweet potatoes. Yum.

In more serious news, please send love to Hope and Megan, who are struggling with limbo that looks to be heartbreak. We wish you the easiest path through this difficult time.

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Jen said...

Heh. Natalie can't figure out jumping either. She THINKS she is jumping but she just picks up one leg and stomps it up and down. Now she's added a literal twist - she turns in circles while doing it. It's hysterical.