Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday, monday

Here I am at work for another week. Today we meet my potential replacement (potential, but also the only one in the running, so you can guess how potential he actually is). I really hope we like him and he can do the minimal admin/data entry type stuff we need him to provide. I am sure it will all work out fine. Right?

We had a really nice weekend. We went to the zoo on Saturday and Don hung up our outdoor xmas lights. They look so much better than last year because we replaced the crazy flashing icicle-type lights that were seizure inducing. This year things look much more peaceful and Don said he only swore once when putting them up. That is the same as my xmas tree swearing, so overall we did really well with the potty mouths this year.

Yesterday we just hung around watching football. Poor Logan could have really used some outdoor time, but he was deprived. He did get a haircut, which was desperately needed. I thought he looked like Rob R.einer's Meathead from All in the Family. It is much better now, though Don hates that any hair gets cut at all. *eye roll*

So that is that. Nothing is going on here, other than last minute xmas wrapping and such. Oh, and we have to buy a stove tonight. Ours is officially not something I want in my house any more. So merry xmas to us. Woo hoo.

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