Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Logan love

Yesterday at dinner Logan told me he is proud of me. So cute! He couldn't tell me why, but he knows it is something important and good. *swoon* He has also recently been saying to me "Mom, I love you more." Then we get into a "no, I love you more" argument. The best kind to have!

I was hoping for some clairvoyance last night and asked Logan when I am going to have this baby. He told me "Wednesday." So that is either today or next week. Hmmmm...I am not sure he knows when or what Wednesday is.

Rain again today. I am so thankful that Don didn't have to drive in it to his final class last night. You wouldn't believe how freaked out everyone here gets from water on the road. There were over 15 accidents reported on the radio this morning. And I fear I am turning SoCal too. Pathetic!

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