Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Made it!

Whew! 37 weeks today. Such a huge milestone for us, as it means I can actually give birth in the place I want with the people that have been caring for me since my first 6 week appointment. Hooray!!! That said, I don't think this little one is coming any time soon. Still up high, and no contractions at all. Fine with me! I'll take a couple more weeks. I know how much easier it is to have them inside. Though I would like to get my body back so I can, you know, put on socks without it being a major production.

This experience is just so much different than what we had with Logan. I was cuddling him last night (he actually let me), telling him that he gave us a run for our money when he was first born. His underwhelmed response was "Yeah." Someday he will like to hear the story of how he was born, but for now building tunnels for his cars and driving pretend delivery trucks is more interesting.

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calliope said...

woo hooo!!
Yay for 37 weeks!