Thursday, December 18, 2008


I had a midwife appointment yesterday where I was hoping to hear, OMG that baby is coming right now! As you can guess, that wasn't the message I received. Basically she said she was "unimpressed" with my cervix. Crud. I know things can change on a dime, but I doubt there will be a baby this weekend. We shall see...

Can you believe Christmas is in one week? That hardly seems possible. Logan is coming to my office pot luck today, so that should be fun. He goes to many of my work functions and is usually very well behaved. The only bummer is that my boss P won't be there, so he won't get to see her.

So that's that. Don and I are totally amazed that we are in the position of wanting a baby to come out rather than needing it to stay in. Feel free to send *come out baby* energy my way, I certainly won't turn it away!

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Northwoods Baby said...

I may have leftover early baby vibes from Jaba's birth, so they're coming your way! Perp and Dude were both late so they aren't participating in this exercise.