Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Phasing out

A frightening new situation has appeared in the land of Hoagie--nap refusal. I am loathe to admit that he may give up that morning nap sometime soon. Actually, it would be easier to go out and do things as a family if he drops the nap, but I fear the process could get dicey. He skipped the afternoon one yesterday and was in rare form by 6:20. Poor kid, poor parents.

I left Don to deal with bedtime and went to an Indigo Girls concert last night with a delightful group of ladies. Fun was had by all and I only wish that they were playing again tonight so I could see them one more time this year. The last IG concert I attended was right before I got pregnant with Logan. I think that is a sign (um, a good one I mean). Not to sound too hokey, but I have loved them since high school and their music has helped me through many a tough time. I have seen them with beloved friends and remember dancing to them at bars, parties, concerts, and weddings. They hold a special place indeed. Yay for fabulous music!

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