Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Can you believe Hoagie is 15 months? Amazing. I compare him to a batch of babies that were born on time, which means they are currently 13 months,about to turn 14. So weird that he is ahead. In a short time this difference won't matter, but right now it seems like quite a jump. To commemorate 15 I figured why not do a list of the things he likes right now.

Books: That he likes books at all is so wonderful. For a long time he would squirm away because books were apparently too boring. This broke my heart,as I am an avid reader (That book you left mom, you know the mystery/school shooting one? It is terrible! I am suffering through, but cursing you along the way.) and I wanted Logan to like reading as much as me. Anyway, he is now interested and had definite preferences. Right now (and this could change tonight) he likes Five little ducks, The wheels on the bus, Mr. Brown goes moo (still), Splash!, I love you through and through, Hug, Cleo the Cat, and Kiss good night. We read all of these before bed.

Food: Yo baby yogurt, American Chop Suey (my version), pickles,strawberries, pineapple, pear, oatmeal, olives, tomato and basil hummus,salmon, mashed potatoes, fish, and sometimes grilled cheese sandwiches.Really he likes anything. We are lucky and I fully expect this to change.

Toys: Boxes of any kind (why do we even buy the toys?), Sunshine (does she count?), any shoe he can get his hands on, the watering can, the fancy watering hose nozzle I bought Don, and anything that Don and I have--especially travel coffee mugs (I have to give him his own "coffee" on weekend mornings or he totally melts down with envy).

Sleep: He's doing it. From 7:15 pm-ish till 6 am-ish straight. He naps twice a day (for now) equaling at least another 2 hours. Very little getting up unless there is teething. Speaking of which...

Teeth: He has five. Three on top with another one s-l-o-w-l-y making it's way out, and two on the bottom. Not looking forward to eye teeth or molars.

Words: Well, there aren't too many yet, but he did start saying "uh oh" when he drops stuff. So we have balloon, hi, zsa zsa (which is sounding more and more like Sunshine), light, thank you, daddy, and mum. Oh, and ball sometimes. And he has said no once or twice. Really the last bunch are very sporadic, so they don't count so much. But he does say them. Mum only when he is really upset,and light is only understandable by me and Don. He does a TON of pointing and is really interested in hearing what things are. When you ask him to take items out of his mouth while he is walking he will comply, and he understands both yes and no (can shake his head for both). He also understands hi and bye and will wave. All in all he is so darn cute.Hooray for 15!

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