Monday, June 25, 2007

End of an era

Well, Ms T felt that Logan could lose the pacifier any time. He only uses it for naps and bedtime, so it isn't like he is totally attached to it. I had been waffling getting rid of said paci, but only for my own selfish reasons.Like wanting to sleep. This weekend we bit the bullet and got rid of the plastic sucker for good. I have to say that it went much easier than I expected. He has a little bit of trouble with going down, but overall it has really been painless. Night wakings were nonexistent, which was a huge relief. He did cry out a few times, especially in the early morning, but nothing that required going in and settling him. I think it was actually better than usual. Let's see if it lasts. Next is the bottle. Yes, he is still on the bottle. We are taking things one step at a time.

I joined a local evenings and weekends Mom's group and went on my first outing. We walked around Lake Murray Sunday morning and I met 5 moms. It was great! One mom lives within 100 yards of our house. Hooray! I am all about making mom friends. It is high time I start building a support network for myself, as I am sorely lacking socially. It was getting downright depressing, but things are looking up.

Logan has added "doggy," "nose," and "shoe" to his vocab. He can find his ears, mouth, nose, and eyes. Every day he does a belly button check on me and Don--we think it is just to make sure we (still?) are human. He really loves that belly button. He also learned to push buttons this weekend with consistency. Pretty neat.

We went to the beach on Saturday and it was so windy. I didn't have a great time but Don and Logan seemed to enjoy it immensely (despite Don getting peed on, our swimmy diapers were too small--oops!). I don't know which part Hoagie liked more, the sand or the water. Either way, he was covered in both when we left. I hope next weekend is a little nicer so we can spend more time there.

Other than that life is just chugging along. I am having one of "those" days, but I am hoping that the afternoon will turn around. Positive thinking, right?

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