Monday, June 04, 2007

New week again

Alas the weekend is over and we are back to the grind. The stucco went well enough, though there isn't any actual stucco on the hole yet. Turns out there was more prep than we were anticipating. I was totally correct about the cursing though, Don dipped well into his extensive dirty word vocab while chipping away at our outside wall. Next weekend we will spend Saturday arm-deep in quick-set stucco. Woo hoo!

Logan had a very busy weekend. Saturday he went for an early morning stroll,then he was rudely awoken from his nap to catch the Flag Day Parade. He watched with all seriousness and we think he had a good time. It was kind of hard to tell... He really liked the Pug and St. Bernard rescue groups, cause you know, animals are fascinating. Clowns, old men riding around in little cars, bands, drum lines, and waving ladies were only so-so in comparison.

Later on he went to the beach with Don for dad-to-be's Man Show-er, where he played in the sand and refereed a very intense volleyball game. Then he went out to eat at a local brew pub where he ate like a king. I think he had more of my meal than I did.

Sunday Hoagie hung out with me while Don did the above mentioned swearing.We had a good time despite a nasty fall that left the poor boy with a(nother) H*rry P*tter scar. All in all it was a great weekend. Unfortunately, it went by waaaaaaay too fast. I am still in disbelief that it is Monday, despite having gone to work and come back home.

One last item of note: I run into old JNI coworkers EVERYWHERE. I saw three this weekend alone. So bizarre, I haven't been working there in almost four years(!) so it isn't like I still run in those circles, or even that the company still exists. Weird.

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