Tuesday, January 22, 2008


January has been pretty insane around here, between parents visiting, a trip back east, and a weekend away in Arizona, things are just starting to slow down to normal. Of course, this "slow down" coincides with Don's first day back at school for both jobs and a Saturday class this weekend. I really feel for him, that isn't exactly easing back into things.

In Hoagie news, Logan is going through a big language spurt. He is saying more than ever and is talking in short little sentences. We still hear "mine" (think"miiiiiine!") a lot, but there is more complex language mixed in there too, like "I see it!" Some things never change--his obsession with shoes and having them on all the time for instance, but other things are inconstant flux, including his teeth. The poor kid really does hurt when they are moving and shifting in his mouth, and the volume of drool is something to behold (see, he is like me...). Overall he is melting our hearts and making us laugh, with occasional moments of intense frustration. You know, normal child rearing.

Here he is looking adorable even with a yucky (and I mean YUCKY) stomach bug...

cutest little boy in the world

And evidently this is the kind of stuff that happens while mum is away...

silly hats

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calliope said...

so so happy to see you surfacing.
That photo of the Hoagie is so damn cute.