Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meme time!

Thanks for the tag from Insane Animals...
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Ok, six things...

1-I drool a lot (not on purpose, it just happens), and so does Logan. His is excusable, as he is not even 2 yet, but mine is a bit more embarrassing. Like when I did it in my supervisor's office this morning.

2-I have been putting off cleaning my beloved fish tank for weeks. This is not good. I am a bad steward of these animals and I am sure my mother could have predicted this situation from the moment she read I was thinking of getting the dang tank. I should have listened. Anyway, I have let it go so far that now I even have to clean the plants. Grrrreat.

3-I am going to start exercising by walking with Logan in the E.rgo. This contraption is wonderful and he loves it. He won't even walk when I have it on. Maybe I will lose the 15+ lbs I have gained since he weaned.

4-I love, love, love audiobooks and am currently listening to the "His D.ark M.aterials" trilogy. The G.olden C.ompass was excellent, though the sound quality was a bit lacking. I look forward to my daily driving when I have books to keep my mind occupied, though I do feel out of the loop politically speaking because I am not listening to NPR.

5-I am totally undecided on who I will vote for in less than 2 weeks. Totally. I am informed about the local propositions, but I need to just choose a presidential nominee out of a hat.

6-One of my favorite things to do in this whole world is to watch my child dance. He really gets down to the funk Don has and he liked ABBA the other day. He gets his whole body into it and is beyond happy. He likes it when we join him or clap the rhythm. It really is a sight to behold. Hmmmm... I sense a video coming soon.

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