Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So I didn't mention how, on the way home from the party Sunday, Logan's nose started running like a faucet. Out of nowhere. I guess I didn't think much of it, but when I picked him up from daycare on Monday he had a full-blown cold. Monday night was pretty hellish--he was up every 2 hours and my day pretty much started at 3:30am. Not the start I am accustomed to, but what can you do. The coughing/wheezing is the worst part. It makes him puke, which means we need to do all sorts of changing and laundry, and in general keeps everyone in the house up. I stayed home with him today and this is what our morning looked like. So sad, isn't it? Don't be alarmed, he perked up after his paltry, waaaaay too short afternoon nap.



hopemcg said...

That is the saddest face evah.
Poor boo.

(FX that this posts, I've been having some issues with replying to your blog from work. I swerz that I am still reading)

Jen said...

OMG, poor guy! Natalie has the exact same cold. Thankfully we don't get the puking but we do get the wheezing and coughing and nobody sleeping. We had to bring out the dreaded inhaler Monday night. It takes both of us to pin her down to do it, too.

I hope he's on the same recovery track as Natalie, too. She was much better today.

neko said...

Awe... :( I'm sure he's on the mend by now poor kiddo... that photo is priceless.