Sunday, January 06, 2008

New year

Ah, so much happened in 2007, and I didn't even do a New Year recap. Shameful. Oh well. It was pretty good in the grand scheme of things. Unfortunately many friends did not have the same year. Same as it ever was I suppose, just rotating the baton of good luck vs bad.

Logan is really taking off with the sentences. He said "Mama, you see my balloon?" yesterday. He also threw approximately 1,454 tantrums, hit us both numerous times, and yelled "NO!" all day. What fun! Rainy days are tough, made tougher by lazy, wanting-to-do-nothing parents. When recapping our craptacular day, Don and I realized it was almost entirely of our own making. Duh. Today we are trying to be more, ah, active, but perhaps we started a little pattern yesterday. I am sure it will change again soon.

I don't think I reported this yet, but Don was nominated for Teacher of the Year! We aren't really sure what all this entails, or how many others from his school were also selected, but it is so dang cool! After only 1 full year of teaching full time as well. Go Don!

Lastly, we are so very sorry to Cali, who is living more heartache. Much love to you.

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