Thursday, March 22, 2007


Holy cow. The condo is sold. As in no longer owned by us. Escrow has closed and money is about to be transferred *fingers crossed sooooooo hard for this one.* We are renters for the first time in 6+ years, but only for two short days. Please send positive thoughts our way for these two crazy days. Aye! Moving is stressful, but the payoff, oh it will be good. Woot!

In other "send positive thoughts" news, please direct your attention over to Babycakes, where a new little life is about to emerge. We here at Logie the Hoagie are truly exited for the Babycakes gals and hope everything goes perfectly with LB's arrival. Love from the west coast girls!

And because I know I will be disappointing the masses if I don't give a small Logan update, he is standing more on his own, and is doing great with the packing. Especially the part where he gets to play in all the empty cupboards and drawers with his measuring cup. Which, by the way, is his favorite thing right now. Who knew measuring cups would be so beloved?

Aaaaaand, one last but certainly not least thing, Happy Birthday Great Grammy Brown! We hope your day was wonderful and we wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. Much love!


party b said...

wow! congrats!!!! :-)

calliope said...

wooooo hooooo!
Fantastic news!!