Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It's over. It went smoothly. We are living in chaos. But we are at the new house!!!!!!!!!! It seems so surreal and I am still trying to grasp the change, but we actually bought a house. We also bought baby gates and they are causing another bout of chaos, but I think both the move and the barriers will prove positive in the end.

Logan has been doing just fine, but he did have a moment of "um, can you please put me in my REAL room?" last night. Poor kid. He also has 3 lovely bruises on his head from various incidents. How can he get so many injuries on carpet? We went for a walk to the local grocery store yesterday (less than 4 blocks away!) and he very much enjoyed the trip. I am amazed at his charisma, I think we are in trouble. He is such a happy kid and (of course) so cute. People are always stopping us to make comments about what a sweet boy he is. I am very thankful to the universe for sending me this little man, and as much as I would like to take credit for his stunning personality, I fear I have very little influence over it. Another teacher who sends her son to Ms. T was saying that the Hoagie is the happiest baby she has ever met. This teacher told Don that she HAS to meet me because I must be the most laid back person ever. HAHAHAHA! Wouldn't she be disappointed?

L has a new face that is pretty funny. I will try to get a picture of it today. We can all bask in his cuteness together.


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