Friday, March 02, 2007


I love one. One is so happy, loud, busy, curious, and sweet. One is nursing better than ever before and is eating like a champ. One is fascinated with shoes and anything Mom and Dad are holding. One likes to drink out of cups even though very little water actually goes in the mouth. One loves the outdoors and cheerios. One wakes up and smiles at us when we enter the room. One entertains himself in the crib with his toys. One has an obsession with the dishwasher that I can't explain. One is also very into the vacuum, and I can only hope it stays this way. One still loves Sunshine more than anything else in this world. One thinks Mom has a wonderful voice, especially when singing Old MacDonald. One will go by too fast. One's sloppy kisses will give way to neat pecks on the mouth and silly giggles will eventually become eye rolls. But right now, one is the best ever and today we will celebrate.

Happy One Logan.


Northwoods Baby said...

Happy birthday!! One should stick around for a while, and skip over two and go straight into two and-a-half. Trust me, kid, it's better for everyone.

PS, sorry I outed you. ;)

megan said...

happy birthday, logan! xoxoxoxo

megan, hope & quinn

Calliope said...

YAY for the Hoagie!
Happy birthday!!

Kwynne said...

Yay! Happy Birtday Logan!

Pam, Kwynne and Dre