Monday, March 19, 2007

Bathroom humor

Oh it was a wild weekend of packing and small repair work here in San Diego. Luckily we got lots accomplished and Logan was only slightly ignored. He did very much enjoy the exersaucer down in the garage, as he had never been down there before (you know, to spend any time). Once Sunday night rolled around, we were all a bit slap happy. Which led to the following two events--which are both, unfortunately, funny at Don's expense.

First, Logan needed a bath and Don decided to join him. I got Hoagie ready and brought him into the bathroom with just his diaper on (to avoid any accidents you know). I took said diaper off right in front of the tub and Don lifted him in. As I was wrapping up the diaper I noticed it looked, um, darkish, and I said to Don, "you know, you really didn't do a very good job wiping himmm ............... OH NO! POOP! There is POOP in the TUB!" Yes, we put a poopy kid into the tub with Daddy. I had to scoop the offending patty(s) out with my bare hands, and Don ended up with it smeared on his leg. Logan was none the wiser. He was just enjoying the show ("Poop? Really? I hadn't noticed.... hee hee hee!"). I was laughing so hard I could barely catch my breath. I mean, you know as a parent that things like this are going to happen, but I was unprepared for the hilarity. I love a good potty joke. Once things calmed down everyone was rinsed off, the tub refilled, and a good time was had by all.

Later on Don decided to cut his hair (!) ,which he mostly does by himself with the clippers. I usually come in just at the end to do some clean up. Last night, when I was called in for my part, I noticed his hair was shorter than usual. He looked at me and said "I am using a #1 guide instead of #2." And I think, ok, whatever you want. Then he turns his head. There is a wide patch on the side of his head that is shaved CLOSE. Evidently, he was doing his side burns and forgot that he didn't have a guide on and just kept going up into his hair. But he didn't want it that short because, well, it is really short. So we tried to disguise it, but the chances are pretty good some tyke at school today will notice Mr. M's weird hair and ask what happened. Luckily hair grows in fast, so this will be a memory in no time.

I really hope these aren't "you had to be there" type stories. They were sooooo funny at the time and I am glad there is now a record of them for Logie to look back upon. I am sure he will be so grateful.


calliope said...

well you had me laughing. Poop in the tub is always funny to read about...just not sure I would have enjoyed it first hand.

Targetgirl said...

What is is about poop? Almost always funny. I think I am totally desensitized as I found it hysterical at the time too. So sad.

party b said...

totally laughing at this.... tears... beth just called from the other room to find out what was so funny... omg... LOL