Monday, November 10, 2008

PT update

Well, we had one potty accident over the weekend. ("Oh no! I just peed on my brown shoes!" Of course with no warning at all.) I am very pleased with the overall success and his willingness to sit on the potty when he is asked. We are obviously still working on his ability to stop whatever he is doing and ask to go to the bathroom, but that will come. So yay Logan! He got a reward yesterday for his good work and I will post pics later on.

Yesterday was so lazy. As are most Sundays. This one involved talking about a slew of things we need to do, but not actually accomplishing anything. Though Don did make a *magnificent* pork loin and mashed potato dinner. Seriously, it was so freaking good. I am still thinking about it and very excited for a mashed potato lunch. Yum!

That dinner was the only thing that kept me from banishing him from the room during the Eagles game last night. Oh my lordy, he was terrible. This season has been a very good one fantasy-wise, so it has been fun to watch the games. Yesterday things took a bad turn and there was much cussing, hissing (isn't it weird that he hisses at the TV?), and grumping. Awesome. Can't wait for next weekend...

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