Friday, November 21, 2008

The most

There are a couple mosts going on at our house right now...

Logan was the most sick he has ever been this week. It all started Sunday, and by Monday night we knew he did not have a run of the mill bug. Tuesday's doctor appointment confirmed pneumonia. Pneumonia! Random serious illness. It appears he caught it as a primary infection, which happens, but is not the most common way it invades. So, he was out of daycare this week and after some heavy-duty antibiotics, is feeling much much better. I stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday. I practically skipped to work on Thursday I was so happy to get out of the house. I was even happy to have my teeth cleaned Wednesday afternoon. Being cooped up with a sick kid is not great. Thankfully we are on the other side.

I am the most pregnant I have ever been! We are all thrilled that 34 weeks 6 days has passed and we have not met this little one yet. I am considered full term on December 3rd, so I have everything crossed that I make it that far. I must admit that I had a rough weekend of worrying (it didn't help that the baby was super quiet), but we are over that hump and now I have a honey-do list that is a mile long. Glad Don has next week off!

So sorry for the radio silence, but to say this week has been overwhelming would be a gross understatement. Hopefully we are back on track and I will make up the non-posting days. Clearly NaBloPoMo has bit the dust on this blog, but I do enjoy the frequent posting. I even have a few pics to share...

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