Saturday, November 08, 2008

Odds and ends

The last few days Logan wants to "go to work." This means he wants to push the radio flyer toddler wagon around the block with his foam letters in it (specifically O and S, the other letters aren't good enough for work I guess). He runs pushing that wagon as fast as he can. Don makes him stop and wait for me as I am always about 20 ft behind.

I am starting to really feel pregnant. Fortunately, I have felt great up until now. I think 32 wks was my turning point. Poor me, right? You can feel bad for Don, he has gotten the brunt of my complaining *by far.* My ears are doing some weird fluttery thing, my sense of smell is in overdrive again, and my gagging is back full force. And that is just a sample of the magic of pregnancy! Seriously though, these are really minor annoyances and things are going very well. A really scary thought is that if I were to deliver Baby Sharkey at the same time as Logan (34 wks 6 days) I would be giving birth in a little over a week. Yikes! Consequently we went to a big box baby store and dropped some cash on supplies we still needed. Once I get tubing for my pump I should be all set for an infant. Unreal.

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