Friday, November 07, 2008


Logan's pretend play has grown significantly, but what he likes the most is for me to pretend to be someone else. Yesterday I was told to be a baby, a turtle, and (as usual) his Memere. He has a great love for his Memere, and I think he would be pleased as punch for me to physically become her if I could. With all the potty training happening in our house, he enjoys the praise he gets when he has a successful bathroom trip. He likes it so much that after I cheer, he asks me to be his Memere so he can get accolades all over again. Sneaky.

This morning he woke up early and followed me around the kitchen as I was getting ready, all the while asking to go visit his Memere. Unfortunately we are on the opposite coast, but that has no meaning to a 2.5 yr old. I am just thrilled he loves his great-grammy as much as I do.

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