Friday, December 14, 2007

What the...?

Ok, something is seriously amiss. We moved 6.5 miles east of our condo and now I get ICE on my car??????? I seriously had to scrape ICE off my windshield this morning. (Alright, I wiped it off with a random bag, but still!) I guess it could be considered frost, but regardless, I have NEVER had to do this in the 8+ years I have lived here. ICE people.

In Logan news, he is fine. The cold is almost totally gone and he is being quite cute. If I do something funny or silly to him he laughs and says "mama," like he is developing a real sense of humor. He is also extremely picky about which books I read to him at bedtime. Apparently Don does not get the same literary critique. Go figure. Right now I Love You Stinky Face is #1, followed closely by Bear Snores On and One, Two, Three. I am totally thrilled other books that I am not so fond of are no longer dominating our story times.

Oh, and he has a favorite stuffy now. Kitty. Nana gave it to him last winter when we were in Palm Springs. I think we may have to find another one in case we lose it. That would be a tragedy.

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