Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry merry

Ah, I had the best intentions of posting on christmas day, but it clearly didn't happen. We spent a lovely xmas eve with H&M and M's mom. The food was spectacular, the company even better, and Logan was very busy chasing the poor cats around. We forgot his booster seat, so he ate at the table on a bar stool secured by a bike tire tube and some pillows. It actually worked out surprisingly well. Don and I wrapped most of the presents christmas eve, and we were totally wiped out when we went to bed. Luckily, I had assembled L's big present on Sunday, so we didn't have to stay up late doing that. And the tool provided for set up broke practically the second I tried to use it, so we would have been really up a creek if we waited.

The day was good and BOTH of my parents were able to come out! Hooray! My dad has to leave early, but we are so grateful that he is able to join us for the week. Logan is producing enough snot to keep us busy chasing after him to wipe his nose so all the pictures aren't filled with sparkly mustaches (ewwww!). He still has presents under the tree to unwrap, he was totally overwhelmed with the volume. And sidetracked with the playing.

Today at 12 I am coasting into a 5 day weekend. Woot! What a rough life. Tomorrow we will do fun stuff and Saturday night we are headed out for couple time. OVERNIGHT couple time! What? I know, a big step. We are so very excited to see a movie and sleep in together. Hooray for Grammy!

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