Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wading back in...

I know it has been a harsh switch to go from every day posting to a whole week (+) off. Sorry about that. I needed a break though, and life seemed too boring to post about. To catch everyone up with the goings-on in the M/B household I shall employ a bulleted list...
  • We have colds. Logan had a hacking cough that is starting to sound a *little* bit better. Can't be too bad because his demeanor and appetite are totally unaffected. I am just coming down with it, but so far it is just my nose. I feel fine otherwise. Don is also suffering from the illness. Though I must say, so far he handling it much better than normal. I totally just jinxed it.
  • Rain! We have had two weekends of the wet stuff and it is raining and cold again today. While this might not be noteworthy for some geographical regions, it's downright mythic here. (As in, what the heck is that stuff falling from the sky? and Wait, I forgot how to drive!) I honestly can't remember the last time it rained this much. Certainly not since last winter.
  • We do not have a leak in our ceiling! Hooray!
  • Christmas presents have been sent, cards are mostly out, and stuff is arriving at a furious pace. As I posted before, our outside lights are up, but inside is not decorated. Except for a spectacular rudolph christmas village. It is awesome.
  • Hey, let's play the guess what has lead game! Christmas lights? Check. Artificial christmas trees? Check. Random toys from 1,000 recalls? Check. PLLLBBBT! We are getting a brand spanking new lead-free artificial tree (allergies won't tolerate a real one) this year. What a bummer that everything we are used to seems to be toxic.
  • Did you know that "hot" is an all-purpose word? If you are hurt, something is an extreme temperature (or even just warm), or you simply feel like blabbering, hot is the word for you. Or Logan. Mostly just Logan.
  • I took matters into my own hands and trimmed the boy's hair. It looks good. Ms. T noticed first thing and think he looks very handsome. I don't think it is that much different. Now it can grow out forever, a la Crystal Gail.
  • I have a post mulling around my head about exuberant, slightly self-absorbed women who get pregnant the first time they try to conceive. As it so happens, one of these mildly exasperating types got pregnant her first try on a message board where I lurk regularly. I am not even personally trying for another child right now, but my annoyance at her luck and naivety is overwhelming, especially given what other members of this group have endured and/or are currently undergoing. Anyway, many did not acknowledge her good fortune and I don't think I would/could have either. If you can't say anything nice...


Hope said...

I <3 U

I just yelled upstairs to Megan that the nicest person we know just reamed someone in her blog.

Jen said...

Wasn't the crashing silence over there kinda fun? ;)

calliope said...

I wanna see photos of the de-mullitification!

& seriously, regarding your final bullet point, it was just unreal!