Monday, December 24, 2007

The shrieking no

So we have hit a shrieking stage that has apparently dovetailed nicely (?) with a NO! stage. Wow. It is loud. And aggressive. And if you are within 20 feet he could easily pierce your eardrums. Or at least make you lose your train of thought, and I really don't need any additional help with... wait, what was I talking about? Har har...

We put our tree up last night and it looks cute. I heard the greatest idea for tree decorating with a toddler in the house--to punch holes in all your holiday cards, tie a ribbon though them, and hang them on your tree as ornaments. We tried it and it looks very cute. Logan woke up this morning (while I was at an evil big-box store buying clear storage tubs, an annoying adventure to say the least), ran into the living room, stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the tree and said WOW! I would say the tree is a hit. And, as I suspected, Logan has spent much of the morning pointing at the picture cards saying "baby!"

Here is our tree...

xmas tree 2007

We have a neighborhood grocery store in walking distance that we love. Last night they had an "elf" (aka slightly strange woman) doing balloon hats and face painting for the kids. Logan and I waited in a deceivingly long line to get a snowflake painted on his cheek. This is the best shot I could get...

Snowflake face 2007

And last, here he is being silly with my hat. Gosh he just melts my heart.

silly with hat 2007

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