Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi, baby

We have words! Well only two words, hi and baby. He also makes a kissing noise and just today started puckering up for kisses (a big improvement over the open mouth tongue out technique he has usually).

We went out for pizza today and he said "hi" to a group of grumpy men who wouldn't acknowledge him and to a young woman who was kind enough to say "hi" back. Baby isn't consistent, but Ms. T is always telling the other kids to be careful of him because he is the baby. So, he has picked it up. He is also walking EVERYWHERE, which made the pizza dinner very, um, busy. We won't be going out again anytime soon.

He also just popped two new teeth. The teething is consistent and constant. Poor kid. Luckily the sleeping hasn't suffered too much (*knocking on wood*).

Our kitchen is undergoing major renovations next week so I will post before, during, and after pictures. My dad will be doing the work, so at least we can trust the contractor...

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