Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Logan has self-weaned. He nursed for the last time at the doctor's office on Monday. It had always been a tough, hard earned relationship, but it got so much better the last few months. He was never the type of kid who asked to nurse, ever. I feel lucky, proud, and frankly amazed that we got to this point, but also sad that it is over. Last week I was forcing the night nursing (I know, I'm crazy) then realized I was doing it for me and not for him. *sigh* Being a mom is so hard sometimes.

Also sad is how quickly my boobs returned to their former (minuscule) size. Blah.

A small recap:
  • Nurse at NICU with little tube attached to a syringe and nipple shield
  • Visit lactation consultants and ditch the finger feeding
  • Wash those stupid shields with limited hot water due to pipe issue at condo
  • Lived through nursing a squirmy reflux baby
  • Ditched the shield and nursing goes smoothly (ah, short-lived bliss)
  • Nursing becomes possible only when I am not talking and we are bounding on the exercise ball
  • Nursing possible only when no one is talking, white noise on, bouncing on the ball, and Logan is sleepy
  • Keep this routine up for 6 months
  • Stop pumping
  • Start using impressive (if I do say so myself) frozen stash of breastmilk with regularity
  • Nursing dwindles and so does stash
  • Logan nurses for the last time and stash depleted almost simultaneously
  • Don unplugs deep freezer and I cry


Hope said...

Big hugs to you. Breastfeeding is the hardest thing ever. Stopping might just be the next hardest thing. You did a wonderful job and have grown and nourished quite an adorable little bub. Way to go :)

party b said...

You really have done a great job. It's amazing how hard it can be, how wonderful it is when it's "easy" and I am NOT looking forward to mine weaning. Anything you work that hard for is a loss when it's gone.

But again, what a wonderful job you've done!!! :-)

Northwoods Baby said...


Sister Outsider said...

Hugs to you Carrie. What an emotional event, but as folks have said, you've done such an amazing job. I hear you on motherhood being hard job - and yo, no one talks about this stuff (especially the start AND end of breastfeeding) Thank you for putting it out there, I know I'll have someone who understands when this eventually arrives for us. *hugs*