Sunday, April 22, 2007

Before, after, and mobility

Don has been doing lots of work in the "yard" out front. I must admit that I was a naysayer, I really didn't think he had a plan for the plants. I knew he was excited to do stuff, so I thought he was going forward with the planting a bit hastily (is that a word?). I was wrong, he did a great job.

Front before...


Front after...

2007 04 22 016

2007 04 22 007

2007 04 22 010

I only helped a little, so I can take no credit for the transformation. Except I did suggest using the red mulch to differentiate the space up top. So yay me for that one.

In Hoagie news, he started walking on Thursday. The evidence is below.


hope said...

Yay for Don's yard!

Yay for Hoagie boy!

calliope said...

wow- the yard looks great.
& Congrats to the Hoagie!!!!! very impressive.

Mama said...

So cute (oh, and the yard looks great too!). Gus has that same cell phone and did the same "almost sideways" walk when he first started walking! It seems like so long ago (not just a couple months). Just wait until he starts running!!

megan said...

go logan!!!!!!!!!

and i looooove the yard--it looks GREAT. what a nice welcome to your home.

Sister Outsider said...

I'm so late to the party (as usual, gosh I suck) but YAY Logan! That was a very cute video (and I love that you had to entice him over with a cell phone - we do that over here - come here Dré! Come and get the remote control!)

And your yard is gorgeous. Don did a great job and the red is definitely a great touch (so yay you as well!)