Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trip recap: Philly

Why yes, we did go on a trip. I didn't mention it? Really? Oh. Right. That is because I have been a bad poster... Anyhow, we went on a two week tour of the northeast starting in PA. We went to see Nana and PopPop at their home for the first time in a while. We ended up invading their sunroom, and sleeping at the house was fantastic. I was sure would be required because of allergy issues, but it all worked out great. It was L's time at their house and he had lots of fun. I think the highlight of the trip for Logan was the gift of L.ightening Mc.Queen shoes from Nana. He is still totally attached to them.

We were able to see Uncle Chris and had a family party on Sunday. Five running kids, ten adults, and a newborn made for a busy night. We met up with friends on Monday and Tuesday which was really fun. Logan really liked riding on a city bus. We headed to Winterthur one afternoon and checked out the Enchanted Woods. Next day we drove to Strausberg to ride the railroad. It was HOT and close. Logan was thrilled and I got to see Amish country, which I had never done before.

We ended the trip with a trip to the Brandywine Museum where I got to see some of A. Wyeth's Helga paintings in person. The whole collection was spectacular. The Wyeth family is beyond talented and it was interesting to see the generations all together.




Brandywine family

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megan said...

sooooo jealous that you got to see the helga paintings! i lurve andrew wyeth, esp. Wind From the Sea. the details simply amaze me.

glad you had a good trip!