Friday, August 15, 2008

Random updates

I came into work this morning and there was a GIANT moth in my office. And by giant, I mean I thought it might be a small bat. Seriously. Luckily I was able to trap it in a garbage can and let it free outside. Not the way I expected to start my day!

Last night we went to the car show for the first time in weeks. Logan was so enamored with all the cars that he told us to "look at that one!" for every single old car. And there are a lot of cars - it was very cute. Last year he just soaked it all in very serious-like. No smiles, just looking. This year he loves going and talks about it all week. I am going to be so sad when they end. What will we do with our Thursday nights?

Don is heavily involved in fantasy football (well fantasy baseball too, but I won't get into that here) and his group is getting together for a "live draft" next week. *rolls eyes* His level of excitement over picking players for his imaginary team is quite high. I think he is mostly looking forward to drinking with his friends and being able to talk about sports with people who care as much as him. Can't fault him for that, but it still is kind of funny. I will mini rant here about how I hate that the fantasy team supersedes real teams that we love, leading Don to route against (against!) teams he would ordinarily support. It takes the fun out of watching together, which is half of why I like football. Last year he promised to be better, but it didn’t change. I don't hold out much hope for this year either. *pity party over*

We had our "big" ultrasound on Monday and all seems well. Our tech wasn't very chatty, but she did say everything looked good. We are happy with that and I am sure I will find out more at my midwife appt next week. Logan's big u/s didn't go as smoothly so I am happy that this one was a breeze. Except that we had to bring Logan because it was in the middle of the day. He was well behaved, but I was glad when he and Don left to go outside. You can only expect so much from a two year old in a dark boring room.

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