Friday, August 22, 2008

Trip recap--NH and Maine

We went to NH to meet up with several of my college friends. One couldn't make it, and we missed her very much. I was hoping to see her pregnant self, but pictures will have to do... So we got to stay in a family condo up in Waterville Valley. It was heaven! Pretty rainy, but there were lots of breaks to get out and about. Frankly we went out in the rain a bunch too. All the kids got along well and Logan is still talking about them. Especially a show that S put on that involved spooky stories, a flashlight, and lots of physical comedy. It was something to behold! It is weird being in NH and not having a home or cottage there. So much of my life involves that state, but now there is nothing left tying me there. It feels a little empty or maybe just disassociated. It is strange for sure.

Maine was more rain, but so relaxing. I spent much of my free time on the trip reading, and totally got into the T.wilight series. I only have the last book to go, but I can't say I am actually going to read it, the reviews are pretty bad. I digress...

My parent's new place is amazing. I am so happy that they are settled into a home where they will make everything just the way they want it. My dad can fish to his heart's content, my mom can get to the ocean in 15 minutes, and family on both sides is close by. Other than the fact that Maine winters totally SUCK, it is they perfect spot for them. And it doesn't hurt that we get to visit in the summers.

Monday we spent laying around and taking advantage of the good weather when it broke through the showers. We took a boat ride (Logan drove the boat for the first time), got in the water a bit, and played around. We visited Logan's Meme (my grandmother) at her apartment for a little bit too. On Tuesday we hung around some more and had dinner at my aunt's house with my cousin and her two kids. It was so great for Logan to spend time with them, they had a ball "fishing" in the pool and not sharing toys (well, that would be Logan not sharing toys--W and K did just fine).

Wednesday we decided to venture out and brave the mob at the ME Children's Museum. Logan was reserved at first, but ended up having a great time. He still talks about the stuffed beaver he saw there. They also had a little veterinary/grooming area where we "washed" a toy cat.He loves to rehash that experience as well. Let's just say that the 2 hours we spent there was more than enough to make us all overwhelmed and cranky. It was still nice to be out of the house though. Don and I had a date night and saw It was everything I hoped it would be. We loved the first one, and the second didn't disappoint. We almost didn't get to eat our dinner due to bad planning on my part, but it all worked out in the end.

Thursday we spent the morning at the Maine Wild Animal Park. My aunt brought W and K so the kids had a good time running and feeding all sorts of animals. They all pet a baby deer, so that was a big hit. Friday we had lunch with Meme at her place and Logan was introduced to tons of her friends. He was incredibly well behaved and loved sitting on Meme's lap. We had such a nice time and enjoyed the fabulous company! Friday night was dinner with another aunt and uncle and cousin K. We kept them up way too late and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations.

Saturday was actually nice so we did all the things we wanted to do all week in one day. Hooray! Fishing, boating, relaxing in the sun, biking,and lunching outdoors--it was great!






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L@rry Giacoletti said...

Hey Donnie Boy! Good to hear from you! Congrat's on the little boy (albeit 2 years late from me) You sound like everything is well in San Diego. I love the fact for one special game each year, you can bring your dog to a ballgame. And as for the 'distinguished' look, I dare say, you only wish the hairs on top of your head were there to be grey. ZANG!! Seriously, good to hear from you, keep in touch. Do you hear from Neal at all?