Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So much to report:

  • We have been doing tons of stuff since Don is out of school. It is much easier to get out with two adults. And we only have one kid! I can't imagine wrangling a bunch, but obviously it can be done. We have been to the zoo, the beach twice, and the pool. Last night we went to a Charger's practice. It was fun (and free!) and we got to see our favorite players up close. The trip was almost foiled by the distance of our parking space to the event, but we persevered. Logan made a couple friends and enjoyed the cheering, which is a nice change from last year

  • The boy is starting to really understand simple commands. "Take off your hat," "Get the ball," "Come here," etc. can be followed when he chooses. It is pretty cool that he comprehends this information. Two weeks ago he wouldn't have known what we were talking about.

  • "Yeah" This word just started today and it is universal in its usage. Mostly he uses it correctly though. Too cute.

  • The pucker. He is going to melt hearts. He has the funniest kissy pucker I have ever seen.

  • Teeth. Yes, they are still coming (swear this one has been going on for over a month) and are wreaking havoc with the sleeping. Naps are in flux. Just in time for our big trip!

  • I am in denial that we are traveling to the east coast. In just a few days. Gulp!

Evidence of our Bolts love...



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