Friday, July 13, 2007

Busy busy

We are in full prep mode for tomorrow's party. So far we have:
  • New shelf in the living room
  • Pictures matted, framed, and hung all over the house
  • Two new shelves in the bedroom
  • New curtains in the bedroom
  • New hardware in the bathrooms
  • New doorknobs on all inside doors
  • Unpacked more breakables (that we can't put out due to one wee family member)
  • Drawings in Logan's room
And outside...
  • New hummingbird feeder and post
  • Tablecloth on outdoor table
  • Trimmed Dogwood
  • Mowed, raked, and whacked lawn

Whew! Don's tired... (hee hee! I participated too...)

Logan's motto is "a new day, a new bruise." He bumped his head, has bruises on his leg, and seems to get more by the minute. Little bodies are amazing in their accident tolerance levels. He has also started hitting. Did I mention the hitting? He only does it to me. Not Ms. T, not Don, just me. Booo! I am seriously not liking this turn of events. I am using a consistent method to curb this behavior, but dang, who wants to get wailed on every day?

Not to jinx it or anything, but he also fell asleep the last two nights right away with no crying at all. Heaven!

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