Sunday, June 22, 2008


We have got some big news we have been sitting on for a little while now--we are pregnant again! I just started my 2nd trimester and so far everything looks good. We are very excited. Logan is still in the dark, we will tell him in a few weeks. No need to burst his bubble yet...

Yeah, so my due date is Christmas Eve. Not exactly what I would have chosen willingly, but an excellent holiday present. We have everything crossed that this baby decides to stay in longer than Logan, but unfortunately I have very little control over that. Now that I have made it through the 1st trimester I have lots of time to fret over early delivery. It is always something, right?

So that is why the blog has been s l o w lately, I was tired, nervous, and preoccupied. I promise it will pick up again.

In Logan news, he pretends his rocking horse is a motorcycle and today he told me that it has a loud engine. True enough! Our neighbor details motorcycles and she is always out and about on her own so we hear them quite a bit. She is one rocking lady, we love having her in the neighborhood. Her dog Freckles is super sweet too.

He has recently begun getting scared of monsters. We have a few books with monsters that he likes, nothing scary, but he needs reassurance that they are nice. Cookie monster is also a character he enjoys, but again, he is kind of freaked out by him too. I read him a book the other day and it spooked him enough to cry. Poor kid! Also "Fi.nding N.emo" is out, he cried at that too.

L and I made our first batch of chocolate chip cookies together last weekend and they turned out great. I forgot how many cookies come out of that Ne.stle recipe--a lot! I ate them all. Don helped, but only a little. Logan was completely disinterested. Weird kid.


calliope said...

woo hooo!!! Happy 2nd Trimester!
And, speaking from experience, Christmas Eve is a wonderful birth day. Capricorns rule!

Northwoods Baby said...

Yay! But you don't post about it on the boards? Boo! But more yay! Caps do rule, btw. Not that I'm biased or anything *ahem*.