Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well, on the job front, it looks like things are decided. Don interviewed for a position at a Fine Arts/technology high school in a smaller district and was convinced that he totally blew the interview.He obsessed about it for days, and I lovingly tried to tell him that I was sure he did fine. Even if he didn't there was nothing he could do about it now. See? I was so sweet. Ahem. Lo and behold, he was offered the job. Guess he did ok after all! He accepted, and told Zamorano he would be leaving. Both our reactions are mixed sadness and relief. It means a longer commute, but more money. And relative stability. So, we will see how it goes. Mostly we are just really glad he will be working(with benefits) in the fall.

Logan has been a joy to be around, except when he is having a monumental meltdown. He does not do tantrums half-assed, no sir. I got hit in the head twice with a toy a couple days ago, and that was both humiliating because it occurred on Ms. T's lawn, and ouchy because I got a killer headache from the blows and the crying (his, not mine). I figure I should document these times too, so I won't be able to say to anyone later on "Oh Logan? He never gave me trouble, such an angel that boy..."

In happier news he is talking like crazy and is the best companion on just about any outing. We went grocery shopping yesterday and I have never had so much fun. He is silly and cute and pretty happy when out and about. A few things he has said lately are:

  • Come on dude! (when he was frustrated with a toy)
  • Gross (he learned that directly from me)
  • Excuse me, pardon me (we say this to him all the time, he is such a parrot)
  • Night night buddy (to Don as he ran down the hall to his room)
  • One more time! (for anything he wants to do again)

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Anonymous said...

Yay!! A new blog. You make us all so happy when you write.
Love, Mom