Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I know, I have been so. very. delinquent. My only excuse is French Doors. They are in people! They work! They look amazing! We also had lots of family in town. Family who told me (ahem, again) that my blogging frequency is, well, pathetic. I think she actually used the word pathetic. Anyway, I am back. So much has happened that I will just do a quick list for now to catch you up...
  • Hand, foot, and mouth is gone! It wasn't too bad, as far as illnesses go.
  • My Dad is awesome and he installed the doors with our help. We found a problem at the last minute, but Dave the Door Guy solved it last night and we will be stucco-ing soon. Like this weekend.
  • We looked into screens for the new doors and one place quoted us $800 installed. Um, I don't think so. Our search continues.
  • Oktoberfest was this past weekend and it was so incredibly neat. We are half a block away and it was great to be able to just pop over for a bratwurst or funnel cake (not that we did that, seeing as how those are very bad for you).
  • Logan helped me put up a few Halloween decorations. He was very excited to stick stuff on the window.
  • New words: done and bum. When he says bum he holds his little toosh. Very cute. He has also been calling Ms. T by her nickname. Go Logan!
  • Don and I combined birthday money to buy some patio furniture for the front. We put it together and it looks great.
  • My cousin stayed with us last Friday night and we had lots of fun. Logan took to her immediately. We are sad she lives so far away.
  • I am going on a kick-ass girls trip in January. Hooray!!! I even booked the tickets.
  • My Christmas shopping is almost done. This is a record for me.

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