Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Oct 23 2007 Fire

This map shows where we are in relation to the fires. We are safe and not anticipating evacuations. We are the green arrow on the map. The yellow areas represent mandatory evacuations. The red section is the Harris Fire. The yellow area at the top of the map is a mandatory evacuation for the Witch Fire.

The air in Point Loma (where I work) is much worse than home. The Harris Fire ash is headed that way so it is understandable. Luckily home is not getting any major haze. In the Cedar Fire the ash was raining down like snow. I have yet to see that during these fires, but I am sure those who are getting the fallout from the Witch Fire are getting hammered.

Logan is so bored from being inside and Don's school has been canceled for the rest of the week.

Hoagie did start saying please--it comes out as "pea." He said tweet today and it came out as "twee." So dang cute! And when Don was cooking something in the microwave recently he looked up at it and said "beep, beep, beep!" Also so dang cute. *melty heart*


Hope said...

I'm so glad that you folks are okay!

Jen said...

Thank God you guys are ok. I hope you stay haze- and hazard-free.

Natalie loves to say Beep! for the microwave, the toaster, the alarm clock, Cait's watch... it's cute and funny. Glad she's got a pal in Logan!