Thursday, November 19, 2009

Steps and H1N1 vaxes

Aurora took steps! Last weekend she took her first three uassisted steps at our friend's house. Whoa! At 10 mths, 3 months earlier than Logan. We are so unprepared for a wobbly walker. Yay! and *sigh* I would like her to stay a baby a little bit longer. She clearly has other ideas.

Today we were told of a local H1N1 vax clinic where there was no waiting. What? We totally high-tailed it over there and everyone got shot. Logan was BY FAR the most offended, he really hasn't gotten over it yet despite the fact that it doesn't even hurt anymore. Regardless he informed me that I should get off his bed at night-night because I :gave: him the shot and he didn't want it. Oh well. I guess today I am horrible. I am ok with that. :-)

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