Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tulppaani No. 26

Oh how I love the wraps. I started with a Moby (why didn't I have this with Logan? I had pouches, slings, and a bjorn, but not the most comfy baby carriers!), then a Vatanai wrap, and then a Girasol Tulppaani No 26. It is so lovely. So perfectly rainbow colored. How am I affording all these wraps while on maternity leave? Craigslist! I have been selling things that have been lying around the house. And it has been profitable. Hooray! I also did a couple graphic design jobs that brought in a little cash.

Since the girl is a carseat screamer I wear her a lot. A whole lot. We can't push her in a stroller or she will fuss. I wear her around the house too so I can do things with Logan and she will sleep. Sleeping babies are good. Soooooo good. Awake content babies are good too. It works for both. Hooray! Mostly I just like being close to her. She is sweetness.

Mum and A in Tulppaani 26


Jen said...

Love the pic! Totally jealous of the wrap - I've never moved beyond Moby because of the GIANT COLOSSAL CHILDREN factor. I'm glad you are loving it.

sexy said...